How I found my style of wedding photography and what my goal is when I shoot "your best day ever"

Your wedding day will no doubt, be the very best day of your entire life. I strive to shoot authentically and candidly. Although I love a dress hanging in a window as much as the next person, my goal is not to get "pinterst" fake set ups all day long!

When I thought back to my own wedding and re looked at my gallery , a handful of photos made my heart explode. They weren't the posed artsy ones, they 100% weren't the ones of my shoes sitting on the floor ! I hired a photographer based on what I thought I wanted my wedding photos to look like! However what I found by personal experience...

My favourite images from my wedding, were the ones that made my heart skip beats. They were me walking down that isle and looking at him for the first time, when my eyes filled up with water. The First kiss , that I nearly choked him out, I grabbed him so hard. That strut back down the isle with our hands proudly in the air , that we finally did it, the sheer moment of pure candidly happiness. They were photos of my friends and family mingling at cocktail or my Grandpa , with his hands full of shots at the bar lol ( doing shots ) or my drunk cousins standing on the bar pouring liquor in my other cousins mouths ( I had a destination wedding so very laid back lol atmosphere)

The point im trying to make, is when I started wedding photography , I thought that there were expectations, a "norm" that I had to stay in a box , shoot the shoes , shoot the dress , shoot the jacket... pose them like this , like that. Then it finally clicked NO! NO, im not going to shoot the Normal way , I want emotion, I want you to have a gallery full of emotions , so when you look back to your wedding and you see your photos , every image brings you " that feeling in your heart" that makes you smile so hard , your cheeks hurt! Thats the kind of wedding photography I want to do. Im looking for couples who want that from there wedding gallery <3

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