Your baby is ONE

The point of a cake smash is to document your child turning one , but also to get on camera, the first time they taste a real cake! Its a priceless and beautiful memory for the baby book! I am not like most cake smash photographers. My sessions are very minimal , I only shoot on neutral backdrops , White and Cream.

I choose a minimalistic backdrop with simple banner , ONE sign and some plain simple floor props. I do not like busy set ups typically , I like the baby to be what pops in my shoots, So I opt for minimalistic backdrops. To me less is more!

Includes a cake

My cake smash sessions, include a professionally made and beautifully decorated cake to match the theme of the shoot. I use the very best local bakers in Alliston

What I bring:

I provide the full set up , however clients are welcome to use there own stuff if they choose to.

I bring : A White or Cream backdrop. Simple banner and a cake to match the set up and wooden one sign. I prefer minimal set ups as much as possible.

Mobile in home.

I noticed early on, that cake smash sessions are messy ! I didn't love the fact that clients were using an entire pack of baby wipes and putting sticky babies back in there car seats to go home. Thats when I decided to become mobile! I bring a seamless paper backdrop , set up usually in my clients kitchen or living room. Set up , shoot and you guys put the baby in the bath while I clean up!

Outside or Studio

Want to photograph outdoors , thats also an option , I have many beautiful local parks and fields for use! I have a beautiful teepee that I love to decorate for different outdoor themes as well.

Mint room studios in Toronto is now also a new option for cake smash session, its $110 add on for the rental space.

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