How to prep your baby for the best photos possible.

Photographing newborns is my specialty. However you can help make your session run as fast and as smooth as possible. By doing my mini prep.

The hours leading up to your shoot

  1. KEEP THE BABY AWAKE, yes daunting task, I know. But try!!! If your baby sleeps for hours before your session, chances are he/she will be wide awake. Making it not ideal for newborn photos. Is possible to get shots while the baby is awake but its way more difficult and it will make the session really really long.
  2. GIVE THE BABY A BATH, this is kind of helpful for number 1, baby will be nice and awake during this bath but also you are prepping baby to relax for deep sleep.
  3. SWADDLE IN JUST A DIAPER. After the bath, please don't dress the baby, have them swaddled in a swaddle blanket and just a diaper. So as soon as I arrive and set up, I can start wrapping hopefully without waking the baby up.
  4. FEED WHILE IM DRIVING TO YOU, Finally begin to feed the baby 20 min before our scheduled session is to start. That way by the time I get to you. Baby is now super relaxed, fed and ready for a long snooze.

If you follow this guide 2-3 hours prior to your session, you will get the best results